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Our next litter will be planned in the summer of 2019. This litter will be FCI and ISDS registrated.

The stud is already chosen but we will wait until the last test results are available before make our plans public.

Ofcourse our plans can always change because Kilay her first litter is still young (born on 10-11-2017).


We will expect high drive sportdogs with a great sence of sheepherding in the colours black & white and black white and tan. There is a really small chance of dilute & white and dilute white and tan.


Kilay is doing agility and loves to run wild and crazy ;-)

The stud is a ''farm'' dog out of excellent triallines.


Health results of both parents are :


HD-A ( official )

OCD Free ( unofficial )

ED Free ( male official )

ECVO + Gonioscopia clear

DNA free tested for CEA,TNS,SN,MH,RS,HUU

Father is a IGS carrier ( mother clear ofcourse, pups will be tested in litter )

Both passed there functional exterior show by the dutch border collie club

Both passed there herding instinct test by the dutch border collie club

Both FCI and ISDS registrated


For more information about Kilay or the stud you can always contact me by e-mail in Dutch, English or German.

I am always open about everything I know about my dogs and their lines and their future partners, So if you are intressted in a puppy I will give you already all info's about both dogs.


** I am looking for a fosterhome for 1 of the hopefully born females for at least 1 litter in the future, If you want to have a look behind the scenes and living in the Netherlands or close to the dutch border ( DE/BE ) you can always contact me for more info **


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