We will expect high drive sportdogs with a great sence of sheepherding in the colours

black & white and slate & white all with our without tanpoints.


Kilay is doing agility and loves to run wild and crazy and loves to play in every kind of water.

Tom is a ''farm'' dog out of excellent triallines and his brother and sister are showing alot of potentional in agility aswel!

Tom and Kilay are also tested for the following DNA tests: MH,DM,NCL,MDR1,HUU,BCG and all clear.

Because Tom is a carrier of IGS all pups will be tested in the litter before leaving, so you always know if you will take a normal or carrier in house.


For more information about Kilay or Tom you can always contact me by e-mail in Dutch, English or German.

I am always open about everything I know about my dogs and their lines and their future partners, So if you are intressted in a puppy I will give you all info what is important.


** I am looking for a fosterhome for 1 of the hopefully born females for at least 1 litter in the future, If you want to have a look behind the scenes and living in the Netherlands or close to the dutch border ( DE/BE ) you can always contact me for more info **


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