Pedigree name:


Date of birth:





Carried colors:

(DNA test)

Borders at Work Tim

NHSB 3027095

ISDS NL/341882

17 december 2015

Luc Smeets

Christina Potthoff

Wiet van Dongen

black and white (mottled)

carrier of tanpoint,

no carrier of dilute  and brown


Caz was not really planned but because I really appreciate both of his parents I could not resist a puppy when it turned out that there were still a few males available. Caz lived for the first 20 months in a fosterhome and came to live with me on 21st August 2017.

He has developed as I hoped he would be. Very fast and a little crazy in agility but super concentrated in herding where he has a super nice natural balance.

The plan was to train Caz in agility, but I have decided to do only  herding, in my opinion he has a lot of potential. Caz has a lot of '' eye '' that he knows how to handle today.

What is typical for Caz is that he can sit on the couch all day and at the moment there is action, he picks up a toy, runs back on the couch and snatches on it. This makes him a special dog to my other dogs. But I think this is also a very nice feature of him haha.

Caz is our non-starter. May 2018 he ran into a tree and dislocated his hip and they had to remove a part of his acetabulum. Saddly his hip dislocated again and he needed to undergo a second surgery. This time they removed the whole acetabulum. This all happend while he was on vacation at Christina's (Christina is the owner of a Kilay x Takobel pup). Caz and Christina have a very special bond, so we decided that caz would stay with her during his recovery. During this time their bond grew so strong, we just had to decide that Caz will stay with Christina for the rest of his life. So from 10-07-2018 on he will live in Germany with his friend Lilly and nephew Ready.

Thank you so much Christina for everything you did for Caz and will do for him in the future!!!


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