19 October 2017 I got a message that there was born a litter border collies at the place where Caz lived. for 99% I'm sure Caz is the father of this litter because there are some mottled puppies and there is only one other male and that is a dutch shepherd. The pups where born at 08 October 2017.. That means I got this message 1,5 week after birth. The mother is a border collie without a pedigree.

My breeding goals are simple that my males never will mate before they are full health tested and ofcourse NEVER will mate a border collie without a pedigree! I will place here a picture of the pups but that is everything I will post about it.

I didn't know about a mating or even that there will be pups.

There are 6 pups born 3x Blue merle and 3x black and white ( mottled )

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