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Blizzard Bo Of Beyonic Eyes

NHSB 3103237

10 November 2017

Luc Smeets

Jan Smeets

Luc Smeets

Black and white

Carrier of tanpoints and dilute

no carrier of brown


Bo is a black and white male out of Kilay and Takobel that I kept.

He lives with his aunt Tess (Yoni x Sean) at my parents, Bo likes to cuddle alot and had a soft character in daily life. But as soon the workmode is on he is full of concentration and shows his enthusiasm loudly.

He is 1 year old and sometimes he is al little bit insecure with strange big dogs. This comes from his mom and I know it will pass.

During the walks he has 2 sides. Either he is running with the others or herding but he gets out of it easily. Bo will be trained to be al real agilitydog and will be seen with my father on the agilityfields national and hopefully international.

He already shows al lot of good stuff while training the basics. He is showing nice jumpingtechnics like his parents. It is hard for him to stay calm while waiting but shows a nice drive when it is his turn. Waiting at het start, he is fully focused and concentrated. Bo has been twice with some sheep and has a nice way of herding. He is calm, and keeps distance from the sheep. Sometimes he needs more encouragement to start moving. So sometimes I will take him to the sheep at recreative basics and he will participate with the instinct test from the Dutch Border Collie Club. I am very pleased with Bo's devolepment and I can't wait to see him grow.


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