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Arctic Gale Of Beyonic Eyes

NHSB 3103241

10 November 2017

Luc Smeets

Luc Smeets

Black white and tan

Carrier of tanpoints

no carrier of brown and dilute


Gale is my first self-bred dog that I kept. She is a tri colour bitch with a lot of power. Gale develops into  a very independent lady who doesn't need her boss. When we went to te sea she didn't mind taking a good swim.

She is very smart and she is learning very fast. Gale really wants to cuddle but I had to get used to her way of showing. She growls when she likes something. When we are cuddling she suddenly jumps up growling  and takes off and she invites you to play with her. This was something I didn't know from my other dogs. So that's just funny, In the pack she is a submissive dog but she can do everything with Ice.

Other dogs are sometimes a litle bit strange. Now and then she wants to herd them and of course they are not used to that. Normally everything goes well but little hairy dogs must be herd. I took Gale to the sheep  and she shows a nice instinct. Short working on the sheep, but that 's a trainingpoint. Gale is 1 year old now and I teach her the basics of agility. She is showing a nice drive and good jumping technique.

Gale has a lot of fire and she is an independent worker that I have to teach to pay attention.


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