Kilay her temp dropped at 05 March 2019 around 07.00 After 17 hours  the first pup were born at 00.24. That was was not really easy to start a birth with. After

A few minutes we had a black and white male from 407 gram!

Then everythings goes really easy.

The second pups who was born

was a tricolor female, born at 00.49

and she was 343 gram.

Now it looks like every 25 minutes

she would deliver a puppy because

at 01.15 the next pup showed up.

Woow a really nice dark black and

white male was born from 357 gram.

followed by another female at 01.49, a really nice marked black and white from 330 gram (She is from the first moment my eye catcher)  Then another stunning female was born but now again a black tricolor at 02.17 from 344 gram.

After almost one hour Kilay gived birth to the last pup on 03.09, a stunning tricolor male was born from 355 gram.

This time Kilay decided that it was time for more girls ( her first litter was just 1 girl, our own Arctic Gale Of Beyonic Eyes )


Male 1

Black and white

Born : 00.24

Weight :407g

Female 1

Black tricolor

Born : 00.49

Weight : 343g

Male 2

Black and white

Born : 01.15

Weight : 357g

Female 2

Black and white

Born : 01.49

Weight : 330g

Female 3

Black and white

Born : 02.17

Weight : 344g

Male 3

Black tricolor

Born : 03.09

Weight : 355g

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