reacting already really good on it.

Also with the potty training and they are really clever and are looking for ''there'' place!

Ofcourse they still puppy and after playing/drinking they forget it several times haha. Also the pups are for the second time dewormed

For the week 4 video : Click here

We are already half the way, the puppies moved from the whelping room to the livingroom with a really big own place. The pups are starting to run, play and bark more and more what means the fun part is really started.

They got some new toys to play with

and ''aunty'' Yoni is joining often to

play. They recornize my voice and


Male 1

Black and white

Born : 04.36

Weight : 2160g

Male 2

Black and white

Born : 04.50

Weight : 1750g

Male 3

Black and white

Born : 05.22

Weight : 1830g

Male 4

Black tricolor

Born : 05.45

Weight : 2100g

Female 1

Black tricolor

Born : 09.55

Weight : 2340g

Male 5

Black and white

Born : 10.10

Weight : 1910g

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