Also they got the first experience with the vet who took some blood for the DNA tests for Sensory Neuropathy. The potty training started last week and I'm so proud the pups will walk more and more to there toilet!

For the week 3 video : Click here

This 3th week the pups discovered alot of new things. Ofcourse they started to walk, play alot more and learned some new sounds like music, the vacuum cleaner and that kind of stuff. Also They met this week some diffrent dogs

Who where really kind to the pups!.


Male 1

Black and white (mottled)

Born : 04.36

Weight : 1630g

Male 2

Black and white

Born : 04.50

Weight : 1200g

Male 3

Black and white

Born : 05.22

Weight : 1520g

Male 4

Black tricolor

Born : 05.45

Weight : 1460g

Female 1

Black tricolor

Born : 09.55

Weight : 1670g

Male 5

Black and white (mottled)

Born : 10.10

Weight : 1380g

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