puppies even like Tess, ( Yoni's daughther ) The puppies had also there first photoshoot made by

Souldog Photography. Alot of people visited the puppies again so the smell of diffrent people are upgraded .

For the week 2 video : Click here

14 days already,,,, Time flies when you had so much fun! This week was an really amazing week not only for the puppies but also for me. The pups turned into puppies what means they started to ''walk'' The eyes are all open and they met new dogs. Yoni was visiting the


Male 1

Black and white (mottled)

Born : 04.36

Weight : 1126g

Male 2

Black and white

Born : 04.50

Weight : 880g

Male 3

Black and white

Born : 05.22

Weight : 1109g

Male 4

Black tricolor

Born : 05.45

Weight : 1024g

Female 1

Black tricolor

Born : 09.55

Weight : 1183g

Male 5

Black and white (mottled)

Born : 10.10

Weight : 1014g

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