and could give her come extra calcium and vitamine D. Also she got some puppykibbles instead of fresh meat.

In this week the puppies met already alot of people from diffrent ages and I'm so proud of Kilay while she is accepting ''strangers'' to hold her puppies !

For the week 1 video : Click here

The first week came to a end, the puppies are doing really well and gained all alot of weight! Unfortunally Kilay started with the first signs of Eclampsy and that means she started to become restless and started to growl at the puppies.

Thankfully we foound it realy quick


Male 1

Black and white (mottled)

Born : 04.36

Weight : 643g

Male 2

Black and white

Born : 04.50

Weight : 462g

Male 3

Black and white

Born : 05.22

Weight : 757g

Male 4

Black tricolor

Born : 05.45

Weight : 560g

Female 1

Black tricolor

Born : 09.55

Weight : 650g

Male 5

Black and white (mottled)

Born : 10.10

Weight : 619g

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