Wrangell Mountain's Zorro



OCD: 0/0

DNA CEA: normal

CEA TNS: normal

DNA IGS: normal

DNA NCL: normal

DNA SN: carrier

ECVO eyetest: free 2017

Gonioscopia: free 2017

DNA profile: yes





Borders at Work Kilay



ED: 0/0

OCD: 0/0

Spine: oke

DNA CEA: normal

DNA TNS: normal

DNA IGS: normal

DNA SN: normal

ECVO eyetest: Free 2018

Gonioscopia: free 2016

DNA profile: yes

Blizzard Bo Of Beyonic Eyes ''Bo''


NHSB 3103237



Owner: Luc Smeets (NL)

Co-owner: Jan & Annemie Smeets (NL)

Sport : Agility & Herding

Be My Eternal Storm Of Beyonic Eyes ''Sonic''


NHSB 3103239



Owner: S. Jaginiak (DE)

Sport : Agility & Herding

Noori Be Fire 'n Flame of Beyonic Eyes ''Noori''


NHSB 3103240



Owner: H. Schultz (DE)

Sport : Agility & Obedience

Babybel The Firestorm of Beyonic Eyes ''Babybel''


NHSB 3103238



Owner: Nadja Z├╝rrer (CH)

Sport : Agility & Herding

Arctic Gale Of Beyonic Eyes ''Gale''


NHSB 3103241



Owner: Luc Smeets(NL)

Sport : Herding & Agility

Ready To Rock'm High Of Beyonic Eyes ''Ready''


NHSB 3103236



Owner: C. Potthoff (DE)

Sport : Frisbee & Herding

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