that she is a really good mom who knows what to do!

Then at 04.50 a black and white male was born from 219g. A little one with some more white on the hindlegs. Between the birth she takes alot of care of the born babies and she cleans them really good. Kilay doesn't want to waste time because at 05.22 the next

black and white male was born from 354g. Wow again a stunning classic marked boy! Now it time for some tri's and femals was my thought.

At 05.45 the second pup was born, again a male but this time a tricolor from 331g.This pup was born in a breech presentation.

Kilay her temp dropped at 09 November 2017 around 07.30 After 22 hours  the first pup were born at 04.36. A beautiful classic black and white mottled male from 260g. She showed us

Then the clock was ticking and after almost 4 ours Kilay started again with digging. While she was digging I saw a womb and I was just in time to catch it.

My feeling told me this was a girl, so after helping Kilay I saw a beautifull ticolor girl who was born at 09.55 and she was 323g. At 10.10 the last pup was born and again a stunning black and white mottled male from 291g.


Male 1

Black and white

Born : 04.36

Weight : 260g

Male 2

Black and white

Born : 04.50

Weight : 219g

Male 3

Black and white

Born : 05.22

Weight : 354g

Male 4

Black tricolor

Born : 05.45

Weight : 331g

Female 1

Black tricolor

Born : 09.55

Weight : 323g

Male 5

Black and white

Born : 10.10

Weight : 291g

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