Ice became a ''successful'' studdog:

I'm really proud of all his offspring and I'm so happy about the good contact to so many offspring owners worldwide.

I think that is one of the greatest experiences: to be part of this connection all over the world.

I started my agility carreer with Benji and learned all the basics with him. Now I am training agility with Kilay and Yoni. Ice and Benji are retired from competitions and enjoy the training just for fun. The last years I shared my experience with giving private agility lessons as well as lessons for an agility club. I really love to see the starters grow from week to week.

You are always more than welcome to ask for more information. If there are any more questions about the dogs, the kennel or anything else please feel free to contact us and I will tell you everything I know.



my name is Luc and I'm the founder of ''Of Beyonic Eyes''.

Everything started in november 2006 when I picked up my first dog Benji, a mixbreed border collie/shepherd. Because of him I felt in love with agility and the border collie so the wish of raising my own one started to grow.

It took me more than five years to find a combination I wanted to buy a border collie from. And so in january 2012 my girl Yoni was born in Geldrop (NL). I was so excited about my first border collie, but fortune had other plans. When Yoni was 2 weeks old I found an amazing dog who was searching for a new home: Ice -a stunning chocolate merle male, 2,5 years old. And suddenly I was owner of two border collies.

It did not take long to realise that I want to breed border collies. In the next 2 years this wish increased while watching Yoni becoming a young lady -she should be the foundation female of my kennel. And so in december 2014 her first -and unfortunally also her last- litter was born.

Because I couldn't breed anymore with Yoni I decided to buy a puppy with the same father as in Yoni's litter. 

In may 2015 I got the news that Kilay was born. A new dream came true and 6 months later I bought a nice male named Caz. He is lived in a foster home with friends of mine. In November 2017 Kilay got her first litter, I kept 2 puppies out of this litter. Gale is living at my place and Bo is living at my parents place. Gale will be trained for herding and a little bit agility and Bo will be trained for agility and a little bit herding.

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